About me

So you want to know a bit about me?

My name is Mabel Schenone and I am hoping to assist people who are experiencing a difficult situation or decision, or those who want to get to know themselves better.


I have a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and I have studied Developmental Psychology as part of my training. Since then, I have been studying everything I could with regards to why we do the things we do, mental health, relationships, personal growth, spiritual development, and talking therapies, with an emphasis on counselling, coaching, and Ayurveda.


Communication and seeing people grow and move on in life have always been my passions, which have expressed in different ways throughout my life so far, such as in teaching and as a freelance translator, as well as supporting friends and people in my local community.

My personal journey took me back into specific training, the most relevant one being my Diploma in Counselling, and I regularly undertake Continuous Professional Development. I have recently trained in Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals and I am keen to add very useful wellness contributions to our counselling sessions, whether it is through examining your work/rest balance, discovering the way the food you eat affects you personally, or sharing tips (and recipes) for substituting food that doesn’t help your wellbeing with delicious easy-to-make healthy alternatives, to mention a few possibilities.

I have also trained as a suicide prevention first aider (ASIST trained).


My Mission

My mission is to support you in a safe, helpful therapeutic relationship.

All sessions and groups are strictly confidential. That means that if you are in a group and somebody comments about their experience, you should not repeat what they have said outside the context of the group. The same goes for me, of course. Whatever you say in confidence will remain between us, with a few exceptions which I will make clear to you on our first meeting.


I undertake regular supervision to guarantee that you get the best support. When I speak to my supervisor about something related to a particular client, I will do so in such a general manner that she will not be able to identify that person, even in the remote chance that she happened to know that client.


Please feel to send me a message through the form at the Contact page. Please check your contact details are correct, otherwise I may not be able to reach you. If you want me to give you a call, please include your number in your message and the best time to call you.


Please notice that I only work with people over 18 years of age, so the video below is rated accordingly. Please click on Watch on YouTube to watch it if you are over 18.